Are We There Yet?

Posted On June 26, 2020

How many times have those words been heard from the back of the car? Long journeys spent in close confines even with people we love can be challenging. Boredom, frustration, fatigue and hunger provide are perfect ingredients for irritability soup and often lead to disharmony long before the destination is reached. This Covid-19 experience has in many ways been a throwback to those long trips we spent as kids. We’ve all been living behind closed doors with very limited idea of when we’d be let out to play again. Now that we’re the (allegedly) ‘responsible’ parents our role has been to maintain harmony so we all get out of this Covid-19 period unscathed. We sat down over morning tea and took a good long look at the steps we took to achieve that and evaluate how successful or otherwise we’ve been. Then we asked ourselves if there were aspects of lockdown that we wanted to carry forwards into the ‘new normal’. We were quite surprised at some of the answers we found!

Exercise! We’ve been active people all our lives. Danielle grew up hiking across mountains and through the bush in New Zealand and Tony spent most of his life training, racing and coaching either Cycling or in IronmanTriathlons. We found that we really enjoyed having the time and the space to get out into the fresh air on a regular basis. We’ve discovered parts of the local area that are absolutely amazingly beautiful and they’re on our own doorstep. Places that we knew existed and just thought we’d get round to it ‘one day’! There are so many awesome walking tracks to discover and we plan to continue to seek them out. In fact, every Wednesday morning is now ‘Big Walk Day” for us and Daisy the Dog.

A good brisk walk through the bush every morning does us all good!

Our Business. We are so fortunate that we love what we do and love the amazing Team of people that we have come to know as our “Kitchen Family”. These past few months we’ve gone back and re-visited all our business policies and practises to fine tune them and examine ways we can improve the service we offer our clients. We’re now able to add value by providing lots of extras such as a free cold room for events, for example. Having the time and head space to come up with some of these creative ideas has been a wonderful experience for us.

Personal Development. We’re now firm believers that as we grow our selves, our skills, our spirituality and our mindsets then so our business will also grow. A large part of the past few months we’ve invested time into aspects of our business that previously we found so challenging we’d just put them off – deferring them or not even trying. Quite simply, we were so scared of some things that we labelled them and filed them into the ‘too hard’ basket. An improved mindset has helped us to recognise these challenges and even embrace them as learning opportunities. Just re-labelling challenges as opportunities has completely changed the experience.

Cold Showers Just prior to the Covid-19 experience I read a few articles and some research on the beneficial effects of cold showers and began to challenge myself with that experience. At first they were cold – o SO cold as our neighbours will have heard – sorry about the swearing. I persevered and then I re-phrased my thinking. Now I describe the shower as being ‘invigorating’ so each morning I tell myself that it’s the absolute best thing I can do to super-charge myself for the day. And guess what? It is totally 100% the best! It clears my head and leaves me pumped . . .

Meditation. Both Meditation and Yoga are things that we have made much more time to schedule into our days over the last few months. We’ve both found a deeper sense of inner peace, calm and feel we think much clearer than ever before.

Looking ahead we both feel so excited to get back into serving up great food and to the privilege of being of service during special moments in people’s lives. The number of enquiries, quotes and phone chats asking for advice has gone through the roof and the rest of this year and next are going to be very busy. We’ll be drawing on everything we’ve learned from the past few months to deliver the best service and the best value that we can to all our clients.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’ve learned from this Covid-19 experience. How has it helped you and what changes will you be making in the future?


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