Covid-19 – Where are we all at?

Posted On November 9, 2020

Here in Toowoomba we’ve been largely spared the full impact of the Covid-19 virus in comparison to many parts of Australia and indeed the rest of the world. In fact we managed to grow our business over the past 6 months to new levels. We added an extra wood-fired oven, took on new staff and added an extra dimension with the addition of Ice Maidens Cold Room Hire.

Many people we have spoken to have had similar experiences. Enquiry rate for 2021 reflects the frustrated demand of people wanting to hold their special events but who were unable to do so thanks to Covid-19 and when added to the usual amount of bookings we’d expect, it looks like next year is going to be very busy.

Signs n Lines Toowoomba did the Vinyl wrapping for us

One of the best steps we took was to discuss the ever-changing rules and regulations with Queensland Health and our local council. We found both parties empathetic and easy to deal with. We now have specially trained and qualified Event Manager whose sole job is to be responsible for ensuring Covid compliance at events where we cater. The Event Manager has a number of responsibilities including registration, temperature checking and ensuring social distancing measures are maintained throughout the event. To date we’ve nothing but excellent feedback from clients who have genuinely appreciated the way this has all been conducted. This has helped people host their special event who otherwise might have had to wait until the restrictions eased so it has been lovely to be of service in this way and see families get together, birthdays celebrated and happy couples getting married.

If you need any help or advice on how to comply with the current restrictions whilst hosting a special event feel free to get in touch – we’re happy to help.


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