Gourmet Roasts

Our Roasts are Always Big favourites! 

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Our Roasts are always big favourites and the most popular choices are lamb, beef, pork and chicken. 

The Lamb and Pork are largely from our own farm are then processed by Ashton’s Butchers in Pittsworth so we absolutely guarantee they will be delicious. 

The meats are gently smoked and slowly roasted for about 12 hours so they taste sensational.  

Roast meals are served with two roast mains, a dinner roll, butter, sauces, roast potatoes and a choice of three sides made up of any combination of additional vegetables or freshly made salads. 


Prices start at just $30 per head

Main and Meats

Choose any two





Salads and Vegetables

Choose any three

Garden Salad

Green Salad

snow peas, beans, cranberries, feta, sliced almonds with a citrus dressing

Corn, Capsicum and Spinach

with Balsamic Dressing

Greek Salad

Tangy Carrot Salad

Carrot, Green Bean, Raisins and Dijon dressing

Pear and Rocket Salad

Pear, Rocket, Parmesan, Nuts, Balsamic Dressing

Caesar Salad

Oriental Noodle Salad

Chinese cabbage, shredded carrot, shallots, fried Noodles, slivered almonds with Asian Dressing

New York Coleslaw

Apple, Broccoli and Celery Coleslaw

Roast Sweet Potatoes

Roast Pumpkin

Cauliflower Bake

Corn on the Cobb

Steamed Carrots

Mixed Butter Greens

Broccoli, Beans, Peas

Almond Beans