It’s Question Time . . .

Posted On April 1, 2020

And not the kind of I Spy with my little eye type of question, but rather it’s something a little deeper than that.

The world is going through a very challenging time and here in Australia we’re only just starting to feel the effects of everything that’s going on around us with the Covid-19 virus and associated restrictions.

For us, like most people, it’s had a huge impact on our business. The great thing is that all of our existing clients have been AMAZING in their understanding and in the way that bookings have been postponed. It seems as though there’s a collective “Let’s Make the Best of this Situation” that we thoroughly approve of. For us it’s been a time of asking ourselves questions – lots of them! How prepared were we for just such a situation?

How can we adapt our business to come out of this in good shape? How can we support our clients and improve the service we offer? And our “Kitchen Family” of the wonderful staff, what can we do to support them and their families? And even deeper than these questions, What are our core values and our Goals, both as people and as a business?

Our Kitchen Family are so important to us. We aim to communicate with them regularly and in turn, they keep in touch with each other, posting pics of themselves, their own families and what they’re choosing to experiment with for dinner. Danielle has been super pro-active in supporting our elderly neighbour, buying her groceries and having morning tea either side of the garden fence at the appropriate distance!

On Line chats and Social Media seem to have taken on a life of their own. We had the pleasure of a Zoom chat yesterday with a few other business owners and it was great to be able to talk, share and joke about a range of things.

As we continue through this period of social distancing there are clearly more questions than answers. If we can maintain a positive attitude and look out for each other, surely we’ll emerge with a stronger community and a greater appreciation of each other, our colleagues and our neighbours.

Let’s hope the curve flattens soon and we can resume our lives not the same as before COVID, but with a greater appreciation of all the elements that make up our lives. Especially toilet paper . . .


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