Catering Menus

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Our Menus

Here at Flaming Good, we love what we do!  We especially love designing menus and working closely with our prospective clients to make sure you serve your guests exactly what you want . . .

Our menu options have been very popular choices over the years.  Each menu option can be amended to suit individual preferences and numbers can be adjusted according to how many guests you are expecting.

Gluten-Free and Vegetarian choices are easily accommodated.  We can also cater for other dietary needs with prior notice.


We’re Known For our wood-fired ovens

Below are some examples of the types of foods we specialise in with our Wood-Fired Ovens.


There’s something very special about Wood-Fired Pizzas.  It may be the way the fire seals in all the flavours or the subtle way the wood smoke gives each pizza a sensational savoury taste.  

Platters & Grazing Tables

Our Team absolutely love and excel at handcrafting Grazing tables and Platters!  With a wide variety of options to satisfy everyone.  

Finger food & Canapes

Offering your guests a delicious range of savoury Finger Foods is a great social way to start an event.


Catering Boxes for Delivery

We can cater for morning teas, lunches, afternoon teas even High Teas with our selection of beautifully presented and delicious catering boxes. 

Roast Meals

Our Roasts are always big favourites!
The meats are gently smoked and slowly roasted for about 12 hours so they taste sensational.

 Food Bars

Burger Bar: A buffet table with platters of beef or pork sliders, wings & more.
Taco Bar:  Your guests can make their own meal from a choice of  ingredients.


Flaming Favourites

If you’d like to mix things up a little we can put together a combination of fabulous foods that will satisfy pretty much everyone’s tastes.


We offer single-serve cold desserts with a variety of delicious types to choose from.