Oh How we’re loving this rain

Posted On February 10, 2020

After the drought came the bushfire and finally we now have rain – and LOTS of it. Two weeks ago we were chainsawing and removing burnt trees from around our dry, empty dam. I was even able to drive the truck into the dam and load up the branches, that’s how hard and dry the surface had become after 12 months or so without rain. And then it came . . . more lashings of rain than lashings of ginger beer in a Famous Five novel. We’d dug a trench leading from the top of the property into the dam and within two days the dam was full, along with all our house tanks and every spare IBC and 44-gallon drum we had.

Now just one week later the whole olive grove has burst back into life with a green carpet stretching across the 20-acre paddock. Even one or two of the scorched trees that we’d pretty much given up all hope on having fresh, new green shoots.

It made us realise – No matter how hard life might seem at times, no matter how devastating the situation, there’s always hope, always new life.

So we begin the long task once again of raising pigs, sheep and lambs to continue the “Paddock to Plate” philosophy behind The Flaming Good Food Company. Ethically raised by us, locally processed and brought to you with a minimal carbon footprint. All of that has to be worth celebrating.


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