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Posted On September 30, 2019

There are some beautiful wedding venues in our region and we’ve catered at many of them. This weekend we were fortunate to be at Jimbour Homestead out past Dalby to celebrate the wedding of Scott and Natalie. It was a stunning setting that was actually made even more impressive when a brief storm blew through and created a stunning backdrop of a big black cloud framed by a pink sunset.

For the happy couple, it made an unforgettable image taken by local photographer Leah Cruikshank. The families and guests were such lovely gracious people and for us, it was very humbling to be part of this event and to have the opportunity to speak with the very complimentary guests who were so generous with their praise of the food.

Jimbour Homestead

We were also fortunate to have catered at Craig and Kim’s wedding on a rural property. Again, they were surrounded by lovely people made up of family and friends. Similarly, out at Chinchilla on a rural property the bride and groom, family and guests were so friendly and gracious with their kind words about the food.

It struck me that wherever we are lucky enough to go, the people are what make these events so special. For us to be able to share in these special events, these significant milestones in people’s lives is a genuine privilege. We sit down at our Monday staff meetings and find ourselves feeling very humble as we run through how much happiness and love we get to witness every time. Feeling so grateful and so incredibly happy for our clients is a wonderful way to begin each week!!


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