Platters & Grazing TAbles

For a delicious platter containing a variety of finger food

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Our Team absolutely love and excel at handcrafting Grazing tables and Platters! 

The food looks and tastes sensational with a wide variety of options to satisfy everyone.

The foods can be presented either as one beautiful long Grazing Table or as several platters to be placed at different locations. Tables and Platters are carefully created starting with

  • freshly baked sourdough bread and Crackers
  • a selection of charcuterie
  • cold and cured meats
  • a mix of hard and soft gourmet Australian cheeses
  • Seasonal Fresh Fruits
  • a selection of Delicious Dips
  • a range of Anti-Pasti including sun-dried tomatoes, marinated olives and stuffed bell peppers.


Prices start at just $375 to feed 30 guests