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Posted On July 14, 2020

Buying local just makes so much sense to us, for so many reasons. As customer, we’re usually concerned with two important factors – quality and value. Of course, the cheapest price vary rarely means the same thing as the best value for money. I heard a very interesting podcast comparing fast food from an international chain to buying a burger from a locally owned and operated cafe. The argument went simply like this:

“Rather than asking why a burger from a Cafe is so expensive, ask yourself how a chain can afford to sell them so cheaply”

Putting aside economies of scale, what must the quality of the ingredients be like when we consider that a chain bought takeaway costs less to the customer than the ingredients cost a cafe owner before they even start the cooking process?

Local produce is most often fresher, especially when bought seasonally. Fruit and Veg, for example, can often be stored in huge cold rooms for months on end before reaching the supermarkets. When you purchase from your local Farmer’s Market you have an amazing opportunity to be able to talk with the actual grower about what you’re buying. We love this process, especially when we need to buy meat. As growers ourselves we understand that what an animal has been fed and how it has been treated have huge impacts on how the finished meat tastes.

Saying Good Morning to the Pigs . . .

Sure, when you look at the price there may be a few cents per kg difference between local produce when compared to supermarket prices – but once you compare how much tastier local produce is you’ll start to understand why.

We try to head along to the Toowoomba Farmer’s Markets most weeks. It’s great to know that like you and I, the growers live just up the road, have families and they in turn spend their money in our local economy. This ‘multiplier effect’ has a massive value compared to profits from chains being paid out as dividends to shareholders and corporations around the world. Buying local means those kids from those families get uniforms, go on school trips, and holidays. It means mortgages get paid and work in turn is passed on to local Tradies who can also go on to pay bills etc.

Great quality produce and when taken in context of the bigger picture, also great value. Isn’t that worth a few extra cents? We think so . . .


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