Weddings, Pizzas, Birthday Parties – it’s all on!

Posted On June 2, 2020

As the restrictions start to ease and we approach the ‘new normal’ all our postponed clients are setting new dates to celebrate special events in their lives and we can hardly wait to provide great food once again. Looking back, it’s been a curious period in our personal and business lives as well as an interesting period in history. With all public gatherings cancelled and the introduction of social distancing, like everyone else, we found ourselves enormously challenged in many ways.

One of the main ways we approached the situation personally was to view the whole time as an opportunity and ask ourselves what we wanted to do to improve ourselves. We exercised daily to get back in shape, regain some vigour and generally feel much better. We found some amazing bush walks right on our doorstep here in Toowoomba. Additionally we established a morning routine that suits us perfectly: We get up at 5 am, exercise, take a cold shower (sorry, I have to frame that as an invigorating shower!) and meditate for around half an hour before breakfast. After talking through our plan for the day we’d then work through until mid afternoon before reading books that we’d wanted to read for a while and maybe watching a movie. After dinner we’d plan out our next day and so the routine rolled on. All things considered we’ve really come to love our life here in Toowoomba and this routine is something we’re keen to maintain.

The extra time we were gifted gave us the opportunity to finally launch our range of Pre-Made Meals, a project we’d planned for months, and we were pleasantly surprised by how well it has gone. We’re deeply grateful to all those people who ordered meals from us and gave us such positive feedback. This is an area we’ll definitely be continuing as time goes on!

We’d love to know how you have all managed to get through this experience. Was it an enormous challenge or a welcome break that presented new opportunities for you?

Looking ahead, what will the ‘new normal’ look like for you? So many people were fortunate to be able to continue working from home. Is this something you’d like to continue? In some organisations in other countries a shorter working week is now the norm. Would a 4 day working week suit you? We’d love to hear your experiences!

For now the main thing we’re looking forward to is getting our wood-fired ovens back out on the road, firing up the flames and doing what we love best of all . . . making great food!

We’re delivering daily I the toowoomba region. To see our menu range head over to


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