What’s your quick Food Fix?

Posted On March 3, 2020

OK You’re running late and you just got home absolutely ravenously hungry and you need to eat like NOW!

If you’ve found yourself in this situation what’s your ‘go to’ quick food fix? Are you able to even think straight, let alone make good choices?

Back in the day when I used to cycle for 5 or 6 hours I’d get home ready to eat the doormat followed by the pot plants. My quick food fix was a packet of 2 minute noodles to which I’d add a tin of tuna and some frozen veg. Throw the sachet away and instead stir in a little soy sauce. It’d be gone in under a minute and then I’d grab a shower, change and be a little more composed to fix up a more substantial feed.

Now my days of riding bikes like that are long gone but I do sometimes find myself in need of food in a hurry and I absolutely cannot go to Macca’s or any of the other fast food places. Sometimes we have a little of our leftover Flaming Good pork or lamb in the fridge and then that goes straight into the microwave and gets served up with some nachos, which is great if that’s an option.

So my question is this:

What is your “Go to” dish when you need to feed either yourself or your family in a very short space of time? I’d love to know.


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