Wood-fired Pizza Menu

A Variety of Flavours to Suit All Your Guests

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There’s something very special about Wood-Fired Pizzas.  It may be the way the fire seals in all the flavours or the subtle way the wood smoke gives each pizza a sensational savoury taste.  After many years of research, we have found a supplier of Gluten-Free bases that taste every bit as good as a traditional base.

Our pizzas are prepared from handmade bases with fresh toppings then cooked in our super-hot wood-fired oven.  The wood fire gives the pizzas a unique flavour that is hard to beat.

Historically we have found there have been four stands out favourites that are all crowd-pleasers and those are Meaty, Hawaiian, Chicken and Traditional.  Gluten-Free bases are available, together with vegetarian toppings.  Dessert pizzas have also become a great way to add a little variety into the event.


Pizzas – Savoury


Bacon, Mushroom, Olives


Bacon, Pepperoni, Mince, BBQ Sauce


Pesto Base, Chicken, Capsicum, Aoli


Pepperoni, Jalapenos, Chilli Sauce


Bacon, Pineapple


Garlic Oil, Cheese, Bacon, Blue Cheese


Garlic Oil, Pepperoni, Bacon, Mushroom


Pumpkin, Mushrooms, Olives, Capsicum

Garlic Bread

Garlic Oil, Cheese, Herbs

Pizzas – Dessert

Caramel or Chocolate Base

Banana, Strawberry and Marshmallow

Apple Syrup Base

Pear, Blue Cheese